Founded in mid-2019 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Eindhoven, NC Biomatrix has since developed strong partnerships, proven market traction within the investment community, and has been endorsed by grants and accolades from multiple Dutch and EU institutions.

We are always interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration with organisations that share our vision of lasting change to benefit people’s health.



Eindhoven University of Technology is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology, which was founded in 1956 by industry, local government and academia. The campus is in the centre of one of the most powerful technology hubs in the world, Brainport Eindhoven. The department of Biomedical Engineering, where Prof Ito is Chair of the Orthopaedic Biomechanics Group, is globally recognized for its leading research in regenerative engineering & materials. Through our close collaboration with TU/e we have had the enviable position of having access to the minds and tools that are at the forefront of research in this space.

DSM Biomedical

DSM Biomedical is the leading medical device materials development and manufacturing partner in the world. We have an active R&D collaboration ongoing and a partnership agreement that will support the scaling up of our manufacturing to market demand in the future, and will also serve as the catalyst for the development of similar technologies for other unmet clinical needs.


Qunique is a regulatory consultancy of top experts specialized in developing tailored regulatory and quality systems support in the medical device and in-vitro diagnostic sectors. Through our specialised senior consultant Holger Kloess, Qunique is supporting our regulatory and clinical strategy in a way that optimises our development path rather than just complies to regulatory requirements.


NLC Health is a European health tech venture builder, bringing science-based health tech inventions to life. In 2018, following promising in-vitro research results, Prof Ito, in collaboration with TU/e, started investigating the possibilities of a spin-off company to fully develop a product. They were introduced to NLC, who brought in Mr. Robert Guilleaume with his more than 35 years of experience in the orthopaedic and spine business. He set up the company, oversaw the technology transfer from TU/e and secured initial funding. NLC has continued to support us throughout our journey on fundraising, networking, and administrative fronts.

HCM Medical

HCM Medical is an ambitious small-scale European biomaterials manufacturer, one of the few if not the only with the capability to support us at such an early stage. Our close collaboration and their agility has been invaluable in helping us to achieve critical manufacturing validation milestones.