NC Biomatrix strengthens and expands its team

NC Biomatrix has expanded and strengthened its management team as the company moves closer to initial pilot clinical validation for its VitaDisc product. Ms Wanda Meijst has joined the company as a clinical affairs specialist in June. Wanda has over 15 years of experience working herself as a CRO and recently has moved to support […]

NC Biomatrix recieves MIT Haalbaarheid Grant 2021

Yesterday NC Biomatrix was awarded an MIT Haalbaarheid Grant 2021 to support the feasibility study for a further NC Biomatrix product to address the major market of knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Bob Guilleaume, CEO of NC Biomatrix, commented „ We are very grateful for the support of MIT to initiate the development process for […]

NC Biomatrix TakeOff2 application granted by NWO

In the recent application round, the NWO approved the TakeOff2 application submitted by NC Biomatrix. The company will receive the 250.000€ TakeOff2 loan to perform the „First in Man“ pilot clinical trial to clinically validate the company`s first product – VitaDisc – a new injectable therapy to treat spinal disc degeneration and associated back pain. […]

Revealed: NC Biomatrix part of the Top 10 most ground breaking academic startups in NL

The ten winners of the prestigious Academic Startup Competition 2020 have  been named as Bimini Biotech, DeNoize, Digi.Bio, IamFluidics, Kaminari  Medical, Lusoco, NC Biomatrix, Taylor, uCrowds and VanBoven. The 10  winning startups can use the title ‘Best Academic Startup of 2020’ for the  coming year.  The winning startups were chosen by an expert jury after […]

NLC closes Momentum, provides funding support for NC Biomatrix

NLC Venture Builder has closed Momentum – a € 2.2 mln fund for private investments -within a month. This fund will be invested in 11 innovative healthtech ventures from NLC’s portfolio. With this new way of funding, investors can easily spread their money and hence their risk, and at the same time build up a […]

Loan Agreement with the Brabant Startup Fund

NC Biomatrix b.v. located in Eindhoven, Netherlands signed a significant loan agreement with the Brabant Startup Fund BV located in Tilburg, Netherlands to fund key preclinical tasks for the company’s unique biomatrix technology. NC Biomatrix, established by NLC and the TU/e develops resorbable acellular injectable biomatrices to address millions of patients suffering from back pain […]

NC Biomatrix presents at the EIT investor lounge in Delft

NC Biomatrix presents at the EIT investor lounge in Delft. After becoming a member of the EIT Health network, NC Biomatrix was selected as one of 3 companies to present to a select group of European investors at the EIT investor lounge in Delft. CEO Bob Guilleaume commented “We really appreciate the support of the […]