Revealed: NC Biomatrix part of the Top 10 most ground breaking academic startups in NL

The ten winners of the prestigious Academic Startup Competition 2020 have  been named as Bimini Biotech, DeNoize, Digi.Bio, IamFluidics, Kaminari  Medical, Lusoco, NC Biomatrix, Taylor, uCrowds and VanBoven. The 10  winning startups can use the title ‘Best Academic Startup of 2020’ for the  coming year. 

The winning startups were chosen by an expert jury after a thrilling final in which all 20  finalists were asked to pitch. The ten winners were chosen on the basis of their value  proposition, the innovative nature of their technology, the potential of their business and  earnings model, and their team composition.  

In addition to the title of ‘Best Academic Startup of 2020’ the startups will be introduced to a  network of entrepreneurs, investors and other companies, and will have access a coaching  programme with dedicated mentors.

Academic Startup Competition 

The Academic Startup Competition is an initiative of the Association of Universities in the  Netherlands (VSNU), the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres, (NFU),  Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI) and, and is  supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The aim of the competition  is to put valorisation and academic spinoffs in the spotlight.  

‘I am looking forward to following how these entrepreneurs help make the world a little  better,’ said deputy economic affairs minister Mona Keijzer. ‘As innovative startups, they  help ensure the Netherlands is a world beater when it comes to innovation and  entrepreneurship, and that we can continue to develop smart solutions, create jobs and  strengthen our economy. They embody the slogan “for every global challenge, there is a  Dutch solution”.’

Pieter Duisenberg, chairman VSNU: ‘These fledgling companies show that the Netherlands’  academic startups have a pioneering role in creating ground-breaking innovations. This  underscores the importance of our key aim: to be the number 1 ecosystem for academic  startups in Europe.’

Constantijn van Oranje, envoy: ‘These winners and this competition show that  the Dutch academic startup ecosystem is bursting with energy and inventiveness. The time  is now ripe to further professionalise the transfer of expertise in the Netherlands. Knowledge  is not enough in itself. In the end it is the market that decides if a company is successful, not  the technology, and this is why you need entrepreneurship as well.’

Margrethe Jonkman, chairwoman Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation  (AcTI): ‘Economic activity and employment provide a solid starting position while innovative startups offer us the opportunity to advance into new areas. In congratulating these 10  winners, we are showing that we are both proud of them and of the ecosystem in which they  developed. At the same time, this ecosystem deserves our continual attention, because new  challenges demand new solutions.’ 

Check out the website: for more information about the competition and the startups