NC Biomatrix strengthens and expands its team

NC Biomatrix has expanded and strengthened its management team as the company moves closer to initial pilot clinical validation for its VitaDisc product. Ms Wanda Meijst has joined the company as a clinical affairs specialist in June. Wanda has over 15 years of experience working herself as a CRO and recently has moved to support startup companies on their path to clinical validation. Wanda will work closely with our CRO – Sourcia – and our CSO Prof. Keita Ito to assure our pathway to initial clinical trials.

Ms Ileana Lindeman is joining the company in August as Chief operating Officer (COO). Ileana has an MD from Nottingham as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School. Most recently she has worked in Business development functions for startups in the orthopaedic area. Ileana will be responsible for all the day-to-day operations of the company and support the CEO in the area of strategic planning and fundraising.

In addition, Kelly Hoogesteijn-Stam who has been with the company since lastyear is now a full-time employee as Director of RA/QA working closely with the management team and our advisor ProPharma to assure timely approval of our innovative products with the regulatory authorities and compliance with all the requirements and conditions of the current regulations.

“We welcome everyone to the NC Biomatrix team and are looking forward to working together to develop the vast potential of the company and its technology!“

CEO Bob Guilleaume