Loan Agreement with the Brabant Startup Fund

NC Biomatrix b.v. located in Eindhoven, Netherlands signed a significant loan agreement with the Brabant Startup Fund BV located in Tilburg, Netherlands to fund key preclinical tasks for the company’s unique biomatrix technology.

NC Biomatrix, established by NLC and the TU/e develops resorbable acellular injectable biomatrices to address millions of patients suffering from back pain due to disc degeneration. This patent-pending technology was developed by Prof. Keita Ito at the TU/e and the company continues to work closely with the research team at TU/e. A further application for this unique biomatrix is the treatment of knee pain due to osteoarthritis.

The Brabant Startup Fund (BSF) is a regional fund established by the province of Northern-Brabant designed to support innovative technologies in the top segments of Northern-Brabant. BSF focuses on early-stage proof-of-concept and seed funding to allow these innovative Startups to develop their technologies and products and to grow in the region contributing to already strong commercial development in Brabant.

Robert Guilleaume, CEO of NC Biomatrix, states: „ We are very grateful for the support from the BSF in this early stage of our company. This type of support is crucial for any Startup to develop its business potential. We are committed to the Brabant region through the close cooperation with the TU/e – a crucial part in the success of the company-, our new location in Eindhoven and collaboration with parties in the Brainport network, and we look forward to a very positive collaboration with BSF“

Gerard Spanbroek, Managing Fund Director of BSF, comments: “NC Biomatrix is a great opportunity contributing economically and socially to the province of Northern-Brabant and even outside the region. Their strong collaboration with TUE and parties in the Brainport region enhances NC Biomatrix the possibility in scaling their business. We are very pleased with NC Biomatrix in our portfolio and wish them much success in building their business in the province.”

Bart Nelissen and Frank van de Ven of TU/e Innovation Lab, who assisted NC Biomatrix in writing the funding proposal, comment: “For spin-offs that originate from Eindhoven University of Technology, the Brabant Startup Fund is typically one of the first funding instruments that we look at. It has been a great pleasure to support NC Biomatrix in making a successful application that will allow the company to build its business and realise the potential that we see in their technology.”

Roland Zegger, Venture Partner of NLC comments:

“We are very happy with the trust and commitment BSF is showing in NC Biomatrix with their decision to allocate a loan.

The loan enables NC Biomatrix to perform important and critical next steps in developing a solution for patients suffering from lower back pain.”